Heavy drinkers are 83% more likely to develop STDs

Alcoholism and reckless behaviour

People who are likely to experience an alcohol addiction often engage in reckless behaviour.

While some may see reckless behaviour as something harmless and a story that you may tell someone as a way to scare them off from drinking alcohol again, the severity is that there are some types of reckless behaviours that have long-term consequences.

Reckless behaviour may seem like fun and games when it’s a one-time thing and it is not seen as one that is seriously dangerous.

But frequently engaging in reckless behaviour, such as unsafe sex, will put your health at serious risk.

The connection between alcoholism and poor sexual health

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People who drink more alcohol are likely to catch an STD or an STI.

The reason is that alcohol causes people to have an increase in confidence which causes them to make riskier choices.

Women under the influence of alcohol are 5 times more likely to get gonorrhoea than women who do not engage in binge drinking.

Alcohol also harms someone’s immune system and can make it easier for someone who drinks alcohol (on a binge or a regular basis) to catch an STI or STD.

Getting help for alcoholism

Sometimes getting help for an alcohol addiction can feel overwhelming and you may feel put off because of the stigma around getting help.

People who need help should look into getting the right help sooner rather than later.

The more excuses you make for your addiction will delay you from getting the right help that will positively change your life.

At Castle Craig, it is their role to help those suffering from alcohol and drug addictions for people across the UK and beyond.

If you are struggling with an alcohol addiction, please visit here for more information about their treatment programmes.

Dangers of too much drinking

The common dangers of drinking too much alcohol are often referred to as issues with the heart, lungs, kidneys and risks of developing cancer.

While these are serious dangers that everyone should be aware of, there are lesser-known dangers of binge/heavy alcohol drinking that are related to sexual health.

  • Higher risks of being sexually assaulted
  • Having sex that they may regret the next day
  • Unprotected sex
  • Accidental pregnancies

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