The importance of protected sex

The importance of protected sex

Having protected sex is critical for those who are sexually active.

Unprotected sex is when a person is sexually active without having a method of preventing pregnancy or STI/STDs.

Those who are engaging in unprotected sex may be doing it for a number of reasons:

  • High sexual desire
  • Wanting to “take risks”
  • Unaware of how to access contraception
  • Lack of knowledge of contraception
  • Unable to afford contraception
  • Unable to agree with partner about contraception

People who are having protected sex are doing it because they want to prevent pregnancies and STI/STDs.

If you want to lower your risks of poor sexual health and pregnancies, you should continue to practise safe sex.

Remember, when being sexually intimate with a new partner you should always use a condom if not aware of their sexual history – only condoms prevent people from contracting STI/STDs.